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Midnight winds were howling
Gifts were saved from drowning
Earth sets treasures on a table
I feed green grapes to a crow

Yet another year has passed!

I am
Spending time with the witches, 
our nights of not-so-evil magic…

Capturing bones, bones of the dead
Awake for a sun, sun to rise, inspired
Peacefully of power, morning rush
Shining meadow on Icelandic ash
And a yoga with fresh croissants
That is how my next decade starts

When a dying ram was shoot,
born, I screamed my first cry.
When a dying ram was shoot,
an intercontinental bell rang.
Birthday wishes, as I, a
30 years old, thanks you,
Loved ones, friends and Gaia

Another midnight comes,
when northern lights welcomes.

26/08/2022 birth midnight

© Justyna Gostkiewicz

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