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Art Forms
From Nature

Art Forms From Nature
It’s a search for extraordinary forms in nature, a journey
to find marvellous structures and icredible shapes.
Extracting them from their natural habitat and depriving
them of color, allowes us to wonder:
what is it? where is it form?

I’ve photographed hundreds of different kinds flora over the years,
from hot Australia, oriental Malysia to cold Caucaus mountain peaks.
My love for old botanic books thought me to look at them individualy. Inspired by a great explorer and biologist Ernst Heackel,
I wanted to treat each specimen as an work of art. 
Chapter I
The Form

The next stage was to synthesize those forms.
I was looking for perfection.

An ailment that can be has been grudge and gift. 

Chapter II 
The Symmetry 

Chapter III 

Organic forms are in constant change

© Justyna Gostkiewicz

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