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Premio & Goodyear
Weronika Dyląg
Justyna Gostkiewicz
Wiktor Wadowski

A campaign to be launched in fall to promote tire changing among women. During our research and talking to our fellow friends, we found out that there is no ads addressed to women in Poland in the tire buisness, even though they are about 46% of all drivers! We came up with an idea, to show them that new winter tires can be atractive and femine that’s why I introduced a claim that is famous from fashion industry “Must have in this season”. Our ads would be placed on most attended shopping portals like Zalando, among other “hot” items. 

Must have in this season

Tire pattern is the new black!
And they can save your life.
We wanted to make aware that tires are atrractive,
because while it seems like a unnecessary or large
expense, it is proven that over used tires are
dangerous in winter. This information would be
included on Premio’s (car dealer) landing page,
after you click on the ad. 

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