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Creative direction:
Strategy, Art direction:
KV & show photoshoot:
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 360 video:

Project desription:
Edipresse Polska, FreeForm
Lexus, Phillips, Schwarzkopf Profesional, H15, Mariusz Przybylski
Piotr Karpiński, Michał Malinowski
Justyna Gostkiewicz
Justyna Gostkiewicz
Wiktor Wadowski, Monika Warentowicz, Agnieszka Pakuła
Immersion team

Our goal was to produce uniqe customer experience for the readers of Poland’s one of the most popular magazines VIVA! (leader in biweekly). We were the first ones in Poland to film a fashion show in 360 technology. The VR experience was advertised in six main titles from Edipresse publishing house. 20,000 magazines were sold with carboard VR glasses to enjoy at home. The show was also extensivly promoted online on polish popular womens’ portals: ( 5 700 000 RU), ( 3 500 000 RU ), (2 700 000 RU ).

Viva! VR 360 video

over 200,000 views

Welcome to the Runway

To immerse the viewer into the fashion world, we wanted to show them the whole process in first person view along the side of a popular model & influencer. Karolina Gilon has 334k followers and her own TV program. The idea was that each person would feel like her guest and VIP - something that’s not possible access for an ordinary person. The scenario was all the way from preparation, through fashion show and after party. 

I was directing the strategic (presentations for partners, media plan) and the art aspects of this project. I was also the photographer at the KV session and at the fashion show. 


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