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WooDesign is a new brand of hand carved coffee tables. Together with Maciej Kozerski, the founder and originator of WooDesign, I evolved the brand strategy and concept. I was also responsible for the ideas of the tabletop design, from various ideas we chosen city maps and geometry. The tables are customizable and come in different designs and shapes.

WooDesign city maps are customade by a polish architect Łukasz Sturlak. Later, they are engraved and covered in resin, upon customer’s request. You can choose from many cities such as New York, Stockholm, Warsaw, Paris and many more.
Each table is unique & handmade.
We made sure every detail is on point,
and the quality of the product is very high.

City maps engraved in wood
Glow in the dark reisn

City maps



I shoot a studio product photography (all availble tables for the website),
social media & magazine content and a photoshoot and a lookbook session.
All photographies on this site are by me.

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